SteadySteam™ Puts Your Comfort on Cruise Control

SteadySteam™ Puts Your Comfort on Cruise Control

The key to a great steam bathing experience?

Consistently controlling the temperature to match your personal preference.

Your body is very sensitive to temperature changes, and in the intense steam shower environment, fluctuations of more than a few degrees from your programmed “setpoint” temperature will make the experience less enjoyable. With other manufacturers’ systems, temperatures will rise and fall numerous times during a steam session, creating peaks and valleys that make the user uncomfortable.

Only Steamist’s Total Sense™ Steam Generator can combine with our sophisticated digital control technology to deliver our SteadySteam™ technology. Once our system reaches your setpoint, your steam shower temperature stays steady and cruises consistently within your comfort zone. 

steady steam temperature control

total sense shower generator

The Steamist Total Sense Steam Generator features extremely precise modulating design. Once temperature reaches your setpoint, the generator can make small temperature adjustments very quickly, resulting in Steady Steam…a consistent, comfortable steam shower temperature.


550 steam shower control

Steamist’s advanced 550, 450 and 250 digital controls all have dual temperature sensors. This patent-pending design delivers extremely accurate temperature readings to smoothly regulate the steam shower environment.