The mySteamist™ Mobile App

Use the free mySteamist™ Mobile Application with your TSC-550 Control which has Wi-Fi built-in or the TSC-450 Control with the extra Wi-Fi interface module.

The mySteamist mobile application keeps you in touch with your Steamist Total Sense™ Home Spa System, from the convenience of your mobile device .

The Steamist TSC-450 Digital Control must be version 2 or higher and must have the Wi-Fi interface module. All TSC-550 controls have built in Wi-Fi and are ready for the mySteamist mobile app. The TSC-550 and TSC-450 can now be controlled via WiFi connection with your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device, once you download our new mySteamist™Mobile Application.

With my Steamist and your mobile device, you’ll be able to activate either of the two usersteam profiles or two shower profiles programmed into your TSC-550 or TSC-450 control, from anywhere within your home WiFi network range.

Download mySteamist now. It’s free!