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At Steamist, we know your home is your sanctuary. After a long day you want to unwind and relax, and there’s no better way than with a luxurious steam shower experience. Forget fancy hotels and spas—Steamist brings the experience directly to you with our unparalleled residential systems.

A basic system has three main components: a steam generator, an in-shower digital control, and a steamhead. Our compact, high-quality generators can fit into just about any size bathroom, with components that can easily be tucked away in a small space. Our Total Sense™ spa options complete the package for affordable luxury at its finest. We guarantee superior dependability and world-class domestic customer support and service so that you can enjoy the best steam shower experience possible.


The heart of a steam shower is the steam generator, and Steamist’s Total Sense™ and SM Plus steam generators are among the best the industry has to offer. Both have a stainless steel tank for years of dependable service, and their innovative design saves both water and energy compared to traditional bathing. Our InstaMist™ feature produces steam within seconds, and our SteadySteam™ technology ensures a perfect, steady temperature throughout your shower experience.
Spa Options

All models allow for one or more of Steamist’s Total Sense spa options.

Flexible Installation

Compact design permits generator installation in a vanity, a closet or an insulated attic or basement.

Complete Kits

Steamist provides everything you need for simple, straightforward installation.

Warranty and UL

Our products are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty and UL certification.


Set it and forget it. Our Total Sense generators, allow for you to quickly heat up your steam shower and then maintain your optimal temperature throughout.


Activate the InstaMist feature using any Steamist digital control and get perfect-temperature steam in about a minute.

SteadySteam Technology

Our quiet, continuous SteadySteam technology maintains the steam shower environment at your preset level, without uncomfortable temperature spikes.

Digital Controls for Every Style

Steamist has digital controls to suit a variety of needs. Our dual-temperature 250 and 450 controls ensure a steady output of perfectly controlled steam, while our top-of-the-line 550 control does all that and more with a built-in wifi interface.


All three controls are programmable for two user temperature profiles. The 450 and 550 also allow you to set duration and spa option preferences.

Dual-Temperature Sensor

Our dual-temperature sensor technology allows for steadily controlled steam.

3199 Steamhead Included

The 3199 steamhead comes with every Steamist digital control in a matching finish.

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Total Sense Spa

Steamist offers four incredible spa options that will further enhance your steam shower experience. All are compatible with either the TSG (Total Sense) or SMP (SM Plus) steam generator. You can order one or more spa options individually or select one of our spa option packages.

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