Two Ways a Steamist Steam Shower Saves Money

Two Ways a Steamist Steam Shower Saves Money

In considering your investment for adding a steam shower to your home, you may tend to focus on the initial cost for the steam generator, the control, spa options, accessories and installation. But you should know, a steam shower can save money during years of regular use.

 Steamist steam shower uses less water

A steam shower saves water and energy.

The average 20-minute steam shower uses less than one gallon of water. Less than one!

Compare that to taking a “normal” shower for just 10 minutes. Even with a 2.0 gpm “low-flow” shower head, you’ll pay for 20 gallons of water, plus the cost for heating the water to a comfortable temperature. On average, a 10-minute shower uses 1,900% more water than a Steamist steam shower. That’s a big difference!

Taking it a step further, let’s compare a steam shower to a whirlpool tub since both are commonly used to relax and unwind. A typical whirlpool tub holds a minimum of 40 gallons of pre-heated water. Remember how a steam shower requires less than one? Yeah…that means a whirlpool tub uses 3,900% more!


Steamist steam shower saves money on treatments

You save money by having steam at home.

We did some research into the cost for a steam room session or aromatherapy treatment at commercial day spas to see what you’d pay for the same experience outside the comfort of home. Types of services and prices vary widely, but here are some examples from spas in the Chicago area:

  • One spa charges $15 for a 15-minute “Steam Room Treatment”. Adding aromatherapy kicks the cost up to $20.
  • Another spa charges $118 for an aromatherapy treatment.
  • Some spas will also charge more to add chromatherapy to their services.

The cost of those services could really add up over the years. Rather than racking it up at the day spa, Steamist offers you the option of tapping into the benefits of aromatherapy, chromatherapy and steam with our Total Sense Spa Options (AromaSense + ChromaSense) every day, year after year. Free of charge. Your only ongoing costs will be periodic replacement of Steamist essential oil canisters, which are designed to last for months!


With Steamist you and your family can “relax, restore and renew” in the comfort of your home, and save money when you do. #winning