The Reviews Are In. Steamist Gets Five Stars!

The Reviews Are In. Steamist Gets Five Stars!

These days, easy to find online reviews of any product, from something as mundane as chewing gum… to a purchase as big and important as your next airplane

Of course, steam showers are no exception, and while no product gets rave reviews all the time, the internet comments we see about Steamist are overwhelmingly positive. Here are just a few write-ups from homeowners who are basically selling our products for us…

“I cannot describe how much we love this steam unit. We built a large custom shower in the master bath and incorporated steam into the design. I went for the whole Steamist Total Sense package, with steam, lights, aroma and sound. It’s been in daily use for about a year now and both my wife and I are hooked. I do occasionally use my shower as a steam room, (I have fold-down teak benches mounted to the shower wall) but the real value and luxury to me is my typical daily shower. No more feeling cold when you are not directly under the shower head water flow. You simply turn off the water and lather up in a warm steamy heaven. I can’t imagine what it’s like to shower without steam anymore.”

 “We got the unit with the AudioSense and AromaSense features. The operation is straightforward with the connections for an iPod or radio. The steam control works well and the temperature holds at the set point with no variation. I recommend this unit.”

“We bought the Steamist system in 2014 as we were building our house (though this is easily installed in existing homes). I must say, it’s the best feature in our home. We are allergy sufferers and sitting in the steam to help break up and relieve pressure is just amazing. I also have 4 children (18 months – 7 yrs) and I use steam to relieve cold symptoms. It is just wonderful for cough and congestion relief. My husband and I love to sit in on the 100 degree setting, but our kids do good at 86-90.”

“My steam shower is large, holds 6 people comfortably. The Steamist aroma system works great. Depending on how long you steam, an essential oil canister will last around 100 steams. Steamist has worked flawless up to this point.”

“Excellent product. Exactly as described.”