Steam Showers Increase Home Value by 30%

Steam Showers Increase Home Value by 30%

Do Steam Showers Increase Home Value?

We get this question a lot. It turns out that residential steam showers not only allow you to relieve stress on a daily basis from the comfort of home – they take the stress out of selling a home as well! According to a report from Zillow, home listings that mention steam showers sold for 29% more than their expected value.

Of the four million homes listed for sale on the website between 2016 and 2017, those mentioning “steam shower” in their listing descriptions earned their sellers the highest premium among more than 100 listing terms analyzed. We’ve always known that steam showers are #1 but it’s nice to see proof from an outside source.

The New York Times reported similar findings. According to real estate agents they interviewed, potential home buyers are wowed by the presence of a steam shower. They predict that adding a steam shower to your home is at least a breakeven proposition.

If you’re considering adding steam to your bathroom, our advice is to go ahead and craft a special space. The incremental cost over a prefab unit could be minuscule but the feeling of elegance and the wow-factor if you do decide to sell will be worth the investment.

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