Steam Shower FAQ

Steam Shower FAQ

We field a lot of questions from homeowners who know they want steam but need more details to make the decision. From the average cost of a steam shower to the requirements, setup and maintenance, it’s true that there is a lot to consider – and we’re always happy to share the scoop! Here are the five most common inquiries we receive about what’s involved in bringing the luxury of steam to the comfort of home.


What is the average cost of a residential steam shower?

While the total cost depends on variables such as shower size, construction materials, spa options, etc., a basic Steamist system starts at around $2,000 and a complete package with all spa options is closer to $4,500. Installation costs vary based on project requirements, geographic location, etc.


How do I need to renovate my current shower to add steam – or what should I consider for new construction?

Whether it’s renovation or new construction, the most important design element is that the shower must be totally enclosed with a glass door so the steam does not escape from above. One option is to leave a 3/8-inch gap at the bottom of the shower door to allow cooler air to enter the shower for a denser steam experience. It’s also recommended that the ceiling height not exceed nine feet.

Wall material should be glass block, ceramic or porcelain tile, natural stone or marble.

The installation requirements are relatively simple with connections similar to that of a hot water heater with 240-volt electricity, water supply to the generator and a steam line to the shower.

Of course, we always recommend getting advice from a licensed contractor with plumbing and electrical experience before starting the project.


Beyond the initial investment, what are the ongoing costs for electric, maintenance, replacement, etc.?

Steamist generators are designed with a stainless steel tank for years of dependable service, are virtually maintenance-free  and are covered by a Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty for added peace-of-mind.

In terms of usage, a steam shower requires minimal amounts of water and energy. In fact, the average 20-minute steam shower uses less than one gallon of water – compared to a whirlpool tub that holds a minimum of 40 gallons of pre-heated water.


Does the steam generator take up any usable bathroom space?

Nope! The unit is compact in size – similar to a briefcase. It can be installed preferably up to 25 feet away from the shower in a vanity, closet, insulated attic, or basement.


Ok I’m in. How do I determine the right system for my space?

We thought you’d say that. The best place to start is by checking out our online selection guide, which makes it easy to choose the right system components for your home steam shower. This includes the steam generator, digital steam controls, spa options and accessories. You can also use our dealer locator to talk to a professional in your area about getting set up with the perfect steam shower for your personal tastes.