Sauna Room Systems

A sauna room uses “dry heat” to provide health and wellness benefits very similar to those provided by the “wet heat” of steambathing: relaxing, restoring and renewing. Sauna average temperatures range between 160 – 185ºF with only 10 – 15% humidity. A sauna may be a preferred option in new construction or major remodeling as a separate sauna room needs to be constructed. Steamist offers a complete line of sauna heaters, controls and accessories, plus prefab or precut Western Red Cedar sauna rooms ranging from 4’ x 5’ to 8’ x 10’.

Sauna Room Heaters & Controls

Built-in Control Wall Mount 100-425 Cubic Feet

Silent 60-minute timer and program-preset up to 8 hours before heating. 16-1/4″ W x 11″ D x 25″ H

Exterior Control Floor Mount 390-1,000 Cubic Feet

Supplied with contractor. 17-1/2”W x 20”D x 27-1/2”H

Exterior Control Wall Mount 170-425 Cubic Feet

Supplied with contractor when needed. 16-1/4”W x 11”D x 25”H

Wall-Mount Exterior Controls

Includes programmable time and temperature features and light and fan switch and status. 4.4” H x 3.7” W


Suana Heaters Sizing Guide



Precut Sauna Room Systems

Precut Western Red Cedar Sauna Rooms are packaged to suit any shaped space, and offer the flexibility of installation as part of any new construction or remodeling project. Once the area has been framed and wired, the Steamist precut sauna package will finish the interior space completely. View PDF for features and additional information.




Prefab Sauna Room Systems

Prefab Western Red Cedar Sauna Rooms are easy to assemble. Freestanding and self-contained, with each panel shipped framed and insulated. Includes flexible conduit. Rooms can also be disassembled, moved and reassembled on any hard floor. View PDF for features and additional information.



Sauna Room Accessories

Aside from the standard sauna accessories included in each package, Steamist has a range of additional sauna accessories to further enhance the sauna experience.

  • Deluxe Thermometer Product Code 0902
  • Deluxe Hygrometer Product Code 0903
  • Wooden Bucket with Liner Product Code 0904
  • 14″ Wooden Ladle Product Code 0905
  • Sand Timer Product Code 0906
  • Eucalyptus Oil Product Code 0908
  • Headrest Product Code 0909
  • 4-Peg Towel Rack Product Code 0910
  • Heater Guard Product Code 0911
  • Sauna Rocks – 50 lbs. Product Code 0912
  • Speakers – Pair Product Code 0913
  • SD24 – Prehung Door Product Code 0914
  • SD32 – Prehung Door Product Code 0915
  • SD36 – Prehung Door Product Code 0916
  • Door Pulls – Pair Product Code 0917
  • Body Brush Product Code 0918
  • Sauna Mat – Per sq. ft. Product Code 0919
  • Duckboard – Per sq. ft. Product Code 0920
  • Skirting Panel for Bench – Per linear ft. Product Code 0921