Digital Shower System Wins Platinum ADEX

Digital Shower System Wins Platinum ADEX

As you might have guessed, here at Steamist we specialize in, well, steam. And we’re known for the smart technology and sleek designs we bring to the residential steam shower market.

We understand that every homeowner’s aesthetic and interests are different, so our focus is on offering best-in-class steam with customizable options. This way, our customers can create the most enjoyable experience that fits their personal preferences.

What kind of options are we talking about? We like to think that an ideal steam experience targets all of your senses. So much so that we even named our complete, customizable line the “Total Sense” Home Spa Collection. From adding aromatherapy oils into the steam to chromatherapy lighting that fits your mood and in-shower audio options that allow you to stream your favorite music, you can create a spa-like setting that appeals to all your senses.

Our newest Total Sense addition takes the experience one step further by allowing you to use the same digital control that operates all your steam and spa functions to also control your shower (mic drop). So after your custom steam, you can select one of two pre-programmed shower temperatures and pressures for a custom shower to follow it up. Welcome to the future; it’s amazing here.

This latest addition to the Total Sense line is so popular that it’s now rising above steam and taking on a life of its own. Based on the incredible response we received, we are now offering it as a standalone Digital Shower System for spaces without steam.

550 Digital Control

The Digital Shower System combines your choice of our advanced digital controls with a thermostatically controlled and pressure-balanced shower valve. This allows you to operate three shower outlets from a single control. Yep, you read that right: one control turns up to three water sources (showerhead, rain shower, body spray, waterfall or handshower) on or off. This not only streamlines actual operation of the shower but it also adds sleek style by eliminating the clutter of multiple controls.

Not only has this captured the attention of homeowners across the country, it’s also gaining recognition within the design industry. In fact, our Digital Shower System just won Platinum in the Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) competition. Sponsored by Design Journal magazine, ADEX is the largest and most prestigious awards program in the design industry.

Since we’re known for our sleek designs and smart technology, this prestigious third-party recognition makes us feel as warm and fuzzy—almost as much as a personally tailored steam shower does!