Steamist Granted Patent for Dual-Sensor Control Technology

Two Is Better Than One Revealing the Steamist Patented Technology A U.S. Patent has been issued covering dual temperature sensor technology for Steamist’s residential steam shower controls. All of our current digital control models are equipped with this patented proprietary feature, which helps prevent uncomfortable temperature swings – taking user comfort to a higher level.… Continue Reading

Steam Showers Increase Home Value by 30%

We get this question a lot. It turns out that residential steam showers not only allow you to relieve stress on a daily basis from the comfort of home – they take the stress out of selling a home as well! According to a report from Zillow, home listings that mention steam showers sold for 29% more than their expected value. Continue Reading

The Reviews Are In. Steamist Gets Five Stars!

These days, easy to find online reviews of any product, from something as mundane as chewing gum… to a purchase as big and important as your next airplane… Of course, steam showers are no exception, and while no product gets rave reviews all the time, the internet comments we see about Steamist are overwhelmingly positive.… Continue Reading

Relax. Restore. Renew. And Reduce?

Steam Showers and Weight Loss We don’t claim that if you spend time in a Steamist Steam Shower every day, you will drop pounds, have tight abs, look great at the beach, etc. If we could, we’d triple our sales overnight. It’s true, after a session in the steam bath, chances are you will have… Continue Reading

Aromatherapy and AromaSense™

Since a Steamist Total Sense™ steam shower system makes it possible to create an “aroma spa” in your home, we thought it appropriate to touch on the age-old topic of aromatherapy. We turn to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) for this introduction… “Aromatherapy, also referred to as Essential Oil therapy, can be defined… Continue Reading

Holiday Gifts for the Steam Shower Enthusiast

What do you get for the man or woman who has everything, including the luxury of a Steamist Steam Shower System? We did a little online shopping, and have a few ideas! Waterproof Cell Phone Case – Let’s face it, most of us suffer separation anxiety if we don’t have our phone nearby 24/7. Amazon offers… Continue Reading

SteadySteam™ Puts Your Comfort on Cruise Control

The key to a great steam bathing experience? Consistently controlling the temperature to match your personal preference. Your body is very sensitive to temperature changes, and in the intense steam shower environment, fluctuations of more than a few degrees from your programmed “setpoint” temperature will make the experience less enjoyable. With other manufacturers’ systems, temperatures… Continue Reading

Sing Along with Steamist and Spotify

In 2010, we introduced three Spa Options for Steamist steam shower systems… AromaSense™, ChromaSense™ and AudioSense™. With AudioSense, you can enjoy music in the steam shower from your computer, iPod, tablet or another Bluetooth enabled music player. In 2016, we introduced a fourth spa option, ShowerSense™, which lets you follow your steam session with a… Continue Reading

Two Ways a Steamist Steam Shower Saves Money

In considering your investment for adding a steam shower to your home, you may tend to focus on the initial cost for the steam generator, the control, spa options, accessories and installation. But you should know, a steam shower can save money during years of regular use.   A steam shower saves water and energy.… Continue Reading

Steam Shower FAQ

We field a lot of questions from homeowners who know they want steam but need more details to make the decision. From the average cost of a steam shower to the requirements, setup and maintenance, it’s true that there is a lot to consider – and we’re always happy to share the scoop! Here are… Continue Reading