Prefab Sauna Room Systems

Prefab Western Red Cedar Sauna Rooms are easy to assemble. Freestanding and self-contained, with each panel shipped framed and insulated. Includes flexible conduit. Rooms can also be disassembled, moved and reassembled on any hard floor.

Prefab Package includes:

  • Steamist Sauna Heater
  • Control and Contactor if required and not built into heater
  • 1-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ Douglas Fir Framing
  • 1/2″ x 3-1/2″ T&G Western Red Cedar Exterior Finishing with wood panel on back wall
  • 1″ x 6″ T&G Western Red Cedar Interior Finishing
  • Duckboard Flooring for walk-in area only
  • Prehung Door: 2′ x 6′ Fir with 16″ x 60″ Thermo-pane Clear Tempered Glass Panel
  • Assembled Heater Guard
  • Assembled Headrest/Backrest
  • Trim
  • Finnish Stones, igneous and heat-tested
  • Wall-Mounted Vaporproof Light, rated for 75 watts, with satin-finish cast aluminum trim
  • Bimetal Thermometer
  • Wood Bucket and Ladle
  • Assembly Instructions

S4S Assembled Benches (for prefab rooms)

1″x 4″ vertical grain Western Red Cedar, to 20″ maximum with 1/2″ spaces. Bench face is Western Red Cedar and framing is 2″x 4″ Fir with 2″ x 4″ cross-bracing. Boards are blind-fastened from underneath.

Prefab Sauna Room Dimensions

Unless otherwise specified, all prefab sauna rooms come with a ceiling height of 84″.

Outside room dimension 4’ x 5’
Model No. SMPF-45, Product No. 2-045

Outside room dimension 4’ x 6’
Model No. SMPF-46, Product No. 2-046

Outside room dimension 5’ x 5’
Model No. SMPF-55, Product No. 2-055

Outside room dimension 5’ x 6’
Model No. SMPF-56, Product No. 2-056

Outside room dimension 5’ x 7’
Model No. SMPF-57, Product No. 2-057

Outside room dimension 6’ x 6’
Model No. SMPF-66, Product No. 2-066

Outside room dimension 6’ x 7’
Model No. SMPF-67, Product No. 2-067

Outside room dimension 6’ x 8’
Model No. SMPF-68, Product No. 2-068

Outside room dimension 8’ x 8’
Model No. SMPF-88, Product No. 2-088

Outside room dimension 8’ x 10’
Model No. SMPF-810, Product No. 2-810