digital shower system

The Steamist Digital Shower System lets you choose from multiple shower experiences by installing up to three outlets, without cluttering the space with multiple controls.

Steamist Digital Shower System

choose three shower options from...

  • Shower


  • Rain Shower

    Rain Shower

  • Body Spray

    Body Spray

  • Waterfall


  • Hand Shower

    Hand Shower


The SH-450 Digital Control operates all shower functions, and allows you to program two different shower profiles, including both temperature and volume control for each profile. Both Contemporary and Traditional designs are availabel in Polished Chrome or Deisgner Finishes.

  • SH-450 Contemporary

    SH-450 Contemporary

  • SH-450T Traditional

    SH-450T Traditional

shower valve

Steamist's advanced Shower Valve is equipped for up to three different shower outlets. Thermostatically controlled and pressure balanced to optimize user comfort. Made in Switzerland. Model No. TSSH, Product No. 9370

Steamist Valve