mySteamist Mobile Application

Use the free mySteamist™ Mobile Application with your TSC-450 Control

The mySteamist mobile application keeps you in touch with your Steamist Total Sense™ Home Spa System, from the convenience of your mobile device.

The latest 3.0 version of the Steamist TSC-450 Digital Control includes a WiFi interface module. The TSC-450 can now be controlled via WiFi connection with your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device, once you download our new mySteamistMobile Application.


With my Steamist and your mobile device, you’ll be able to activate either of the two user profiles programmed into your TSC-450 control, from anywhere within your home WiFi network range.

Download mySteamist now. It’s Free!

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Note: The mySteamist Mobile Application can be used to activate the latest “2.0” version of the TSC-450 control, equipped with the WiFi Interface Module. If mySteamist cannot make a remote connection with the WiFi Interface Module, the application with operate in “demo” mode on your mobile device, but will not actually activate the TSC-450.