Considerations for Planning Your Residential Steamroom / Shower

The following criteria for the proper design for the steamroom / steam shower should be adhered to when possible. This will result in a more efficient and enjoyable steam bath experience.

Steam Generator – Must be compatible with the cubic foot of the steam room and must factor in exterior walls and the type of material used in construction of the steam room. (Refer to the Residential Generator Sizing Guide)

Local Utility Line Voltage – Choose appropriate steam generator, i.e. 208 or 240 Volt

Location of Steam Generator – Select a serviceable area to mount the steam generator that is protected from freezing and moisture. Steam generator must never be mounted outdoors, inside the steamroom, or in an uninsulated attic.

Material Selection for Steam Room

  • Avoid the use of exposed or untreated materials
  • Insulate all steam room walls and ceiling
  • When using a skylight or window (not recommended) in your steamroom, it must be double pane and skylights must be closed off and sealed at the ceiling height.
  • Steam room walls, ceiling, and floor must be completely covered with waterproof finish, i.e., tile, marble, etc.
  • All cracks and joints must be filled with a silicone sealer.

Steam Installation

  • To ensure the integrity of the user control cables with Telco connector, they should be run through 3/4″ conduit or equivalent.
  • Ceiling height should not exceed 8 feet. If ceiling height exceeds 8 feet it may be necessary to use a higher powered steam generator.
  • Steamroom walls, floor and ceiling must be completely enclosed and use a vapor-tight door. In a small steam shower, a 3/8″ air gap is recommended below the door and the door should incorporate a splashguard.
  • If installing exhaust fans or vents, they should be mounted outside of the steamroom
  • A floor drain must be provided for condensate run-off and cleaning
  • Steam outlet plumbing line should not exceed 25′-0″ and should be insulated when it is over 10′-0″. The line must never form a trap or gully, always angle toward the generator (preferably) or steam head.
  • Steam head should be mounted 18″ above the shower floor and on the opposite wall from where the bather will be seated as far away as possible.

When properly sized the steam generator should produce enough steam so the average steambath temperature is about 110°-115°F with a humidity factor of approximately 98%.