Sizing and Selection Guide

The Steam Bath Selection Guide will make it easy for you to select the right components for your home steam bath system: Steam Generator, Total Sense Spa Options, Controls, even Accessories. The first step is to select the right Steam Generator.

Calculate your adjusted cubic feet What's this?


Heat Loss Adjustments

Adjustments are made to the cubic feet to account for heat loss in the room.

*For exterior walls; 10% heat loss is added per exterior wall.

*For ceiling heights over 8 feet 15% for each additional foot is added (up to 10 feet).

*Ceramic tile, glass tile or block construction adds 35% heat loss to the room.

Note: Skylights should be double-pane and sealed from inside the steam room.

Construction materials in room:

ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, or glass block
natural stone tile

Number of exterior walls:
Is there a window or skylight?

Total adjusted cubic feet: 0