HC Series

HC Series Steam Generators and Controls

HC Series Steam Generators are specifically designed for heavy-duty, round-the-clock operation. They are totally automated and virtually maintenance-free when installed with the appropriate controls and optional equipment, purchased separately.

  • Delivered factory wired and assembled, with automatic water feeder and low water cutoff
  • Safety features: two pressure controls, pressure gauge, sight glass, check and drain valve
  • Manufactured to Section I of the A.S.M.E. Code
Steamist Generator Models HC-9/12/15/18/24 9 kW, 12 kW, 15 kW, 18 kW, 24 kW Steam generators for environments up to 1000 cubic ft. Compact 21”L x 19”W x 25”H cabinet.
Steamist Generator Models HC-30/36/48 30 kW, 36 kW, 48 kW Steam generators for environments up to 2000 cubic ft. 39”L x 22”W x 28”H cabinet.

Digital Control Package with Command Center

Included in price of all HC Series Steam Generators. Allows programming of steamroom settings from up to 100-foot distance from generator (50-foot cable comes standard). Idle setback feature allows efficient tailoring of operations for off-peak hours. Each day of the week can be programmed individually. Provides maximum temperatures and energy-saving “idle” temperatures. When installed with Second Room Package, can program two steamrooms with one generator.

The Digital Command Center can be installed in an office or another remote location for convenient programming and adjustments.

Package includes:

  • Microprocessor boiler control with two relays prewired for the aromatherapy pump
  • One Digital Command Center with 50’ cable
  • One User Bypass Control with 50’ cable
  • One Room Sensor with 50’ cable
  • One Steam Solenoid pre-assembled to the steam generator,
  • One Steamhead with the Cool Sense cover.
Steamist Remote Control

Digital Control Package with Command Center

Includes 2nd User Bypass Control with 50′ cable, 2nd Room Sensor with 50′ cable, 2nd Steam Solenoid pre-assembled to the steam generator, 2nd Steamhead.

When installed outside the steam room, the User Bypass Control allows the user to change settings within programmed temperature range.

Steamist Gauge