Aroma Pump System

The AP-100 is a micro-dosing pump designed to work with pure essential oils. Most pump systems on the market today deliver a higher volume of oils diluted by the addition of an emulsifier chemical. The AP-100 delivers the full therapeutic value of un-diluted pure essential oils.

Model No. AP-100, Product No. 68017

Pure Aromatherapy Oils

For use only with AP-100 Aroma Pump System. 1100 ml bottles of pure essential oil, equivalent to 10 liter/2.6 gallons of diluted oil commonly sold by competitors.

Pure Eucalyptus Oil, 1100 ml bottle,
Model No. HC-EUC, Product No. 68018

Pure Lavender Oil, 1100 ml bottle,
Model No. HC-LAV, Product No. 68019

Second Room Package

Includes 2nd User Bypass Control with 50’ cable, 2nd Room Sensor with 50’ cable, 2nd Steam Solenoid pre-assembled to the steam generator, and 2nd Steamhead.

Product No. 68010

Programmable Steamroom Temperature Alert

Digital display with audible alert, secondary remote audible alert, tamperproof lock, heater interrupt relay & test button. Lock feature prevents patrons from changing temperature set-point, prevents alert from sounding & prevents heat from being cut off. The alert cannot be reset until the room cools below the programmed temperature. Interrupt relay disables heater when the audible alarm sounds. Test button is used to check that heater is disabled when alert sounds.

Model No. TA-100, Product No. 68016.

24" Stand for HC Series Steam Generators

Allows easy access for maintenance and draining.

HC-9 to HC-24, 8 1/2" x 18" X 24"H, Product No. 68005
HC-30 to HC-48, 14" x 25 1/2" X 24"H, Product No. 68006

ASME Code Blowdown Tank

Permits draining of hot boiler water into the tank for cooling before it are dumped into drainage system. Allows the HC blowdown system to comply with codes that prohibit the discharge of water exceeding 140°F.

Product No. 68007

Digital Automatic Blowdown Valve

DC-ABD, 208V Valve, Product No. 68014
DC-ABD, 240/480V Valve, Product No. 68015

Auxiliary Manual Reset Low-Water Control

Many states and local jurisdictions, as a standard, require and independent, manual rest, second low-water cutoff control. Please check with your local jurisdiction if this needs to be ordered together with the HC Steam Generator. This is a factory-installed option and cannot be sold without a Steam Generator.

Product No. 68020